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The mighty U.S. $ and your thoughts for 2016…

What’s your thoughts on the U.S. Dollar this year, here it is in a short term chart throughout December.  Do you see it continuing its uptrend for 2016?  Here’s the DXY (the dollar amongst a basket of other currencies)  Give us your thoughts…
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Not a day trader… at the moment

So…we enter 2016 with a murky view with the potential for some huge market and currency movements.

2015 was filled with much uncertainty from central banks governments and global economies alike.

Central banks continued to print money and governments had to let them because of being scared of a recession in frankly a flat if not contracting global growth period.  But this had intended or unintended consequences.

In Europe the ECB and Japan the BOJ are still printing money endlessly with an expected return to old ways in the U.S. (QE4!).  Not good folks!

We have for example, European central bank chief economists stating “if you print enough money you always get inflation.  Always.”  Its truly frightening.  The world economies have been digging themselves into a deeper hole ever since the financial crisis and its plausible to say “they” learned absolutely nothing and everything is a test case.

The problem is general Joe on the street foots the bill and he is feeling it!  It’s not all doom and gloom the good news is that we need these cycles to occur, its the powers that be that must let them unfold to and extent to refresh the market.

The markets are propped up on cheap money sloshing around and the economy and it is not impressed.  The S&P500 (biggest stock market in the world) has done nothing practically for months with barely any returns, I mean sure its up but since the up its done nothing but run in a range between roughly 1900 and 2100.

China unofficial PMI numbers have been under par for months with the U.S. 1 or 2 more reading’s away from confirming contraction which could see global economies stall even further.  There are of course many factors to consider…what else is big on your radar for 2016?