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Hours of Training In Forex Indices & More!

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Course Delivery

Experience high quality, instructor-led sessions from anywhere. This online based course can be taken at your own pace and is designed to have minimal impact on your existing work schedule.

Throughout the course support is always at hand to ask questions, get clarification and build a firm understanding of the techniques and approaches.

The course provides exposure to trading disciplines and market techniques that nurtures winning habits that are crucially important to winning in rising or falling markets over the short and long-term.

Trading Course Outline

Upon successful completion of the online trading course, participants will have gained institutional trading skills and strategies:

  • Professional Trading Techniques
  • Financial Markets Literacy
  • Macro and Microeconomic Trading Approaches
  • Day Trading & Portfolio Trading
  • Trading Mistakes To Avoid
  • Trading Global Financial Instruments
  • Forex Trading
  • Stock Trading
  • Bond Trading
  • Commodities Trading
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Charting & Manipulations
  • Formations, Trends & Patterns
  • Opportunity Sizing
  • Complex Trading Strategies
  • Profiting From Bull & Bear Markets
  • Risk Management
  • Trading Psychology
  • Trading Platforms

Why invest in our Online Trading Course?

Trading the financial markets is no mean feat — given the amount of risk and the continuously shifting economic dynamics, you need professional skills to know what you’re doing to trade profitably.

With this trading course, you will have access to some of the world’s best professional training using live market examples.

The course is divided up into 9 manageable sessions containing over 10 hours worth of training material, walking you from fundamental to advanced trading concepts.

Whether you are entirely new or have been experiencing losses in day-trading, this course is what you need to equip yourself with the necessary understanding and skills to trade forex (currency), stocks, bonds, interest rates, commodities and much more.


Do I need experience?


This course is accessible to participants without a finance-related education. Prior experience with finance or economics may be useful but it is not a requirement.

Overview – GT Pro Trader Online Trading Course

Empower yourself with professional trading skills by taking our online trading courses. This well-rounded online training is designed to develop day traders losing money as well as those with little to no experience. Through this program, you will gain skills you need to trade consistently and profitably. Moving onto institutional level training afterwards is for the more experienced so having the basics covered is a must.

Learn ways to trade forex, stocks, bonds, commodities and over 40K+ global assets – meaning your potential to earn profits is limitless!


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Everything is covered so you don’t have to lose money through trial and error

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