We have formulated the pip calculator / spreadsheet to help our VIP Signal Group clients manage their risk.  It is meant for guidance only to calculate pips and risk only, download it and enter your details in Microsoft Excel.

Professional retail traders tend to only risk 2% or a max of 5% of their account on any 1 trade. Following those risk rule parameters you can adjust the Initial A/C Size cell from 500 to 50,000 for example and it will display what 2% or 5% risk of your account will be in the corresponding cells.

After you know how much you risk you can afford to take or depending on your risk appetite, you can adjust your trade lot sizes accordingly to fit with your risk management using this pip calculator as a guide.

The full spreadsheet “GT Trading Plan” can be downloaded once you have purchased the training course.

We hope it helps and please come back regularly to use it.  See our VIP Signal options below the spreadsheet also.