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Trading Snapchat IPO, Dollar Turns and Everyday Trump-Days


What’s your risk appetite like in today’s markets?

Trading the financial markets requires a certain amount risk appetite that you as an individually have to be comfortable with. Forex markets are very volatile. The stock markets are raging ($FTSE & $SPX) for no apparent reason, to a point where not many understand valuations. Commodities and bonds are threatening to scary things. The US dollar constantly tests the goal posts.

Path To Trading Profit

Understanding these mechanisms and navigating through them is not easy but there is always a path to profit. Managing your risk well and not over trading in markets like this is crucial and a lesson worth remembering. Building positions and then not being afraid to close them if the information changes has to be a hand you consider playing in these type of markets.

Trading T-Days

What with Mr Trump being in power, many are feeling uncomfortable and uncertain but you can still make money in these markets. I don’t think its all doom and gloom, innovation still exists and venture capital projects are array. Gold seems to be holding the lower bounds, the upside in mathematics could be crazy and is a portfolio must. Snapchat IPO is due this month (March 2017) – will you be buying or selling? Is it worth $3bln? Isn’t that what Facebook Inc. $FB value it at? Give us your thoughts on any other risks that affect you in today’s markets….