Q: Do you offer payment plans.

A: Yes we can, please contact us for more information.

Q: Im spread betting at the moment, but I consistently lose money or “I’m running flat”.  Can G. T.  Trading help?

A: Yes we can if you agree to start fresh and stay true, fixing the strategies you’ve previously used.

Q:  How old do I have to be to trade?

A: We accept anyone 16 years and older.  You might be fresh out of school/college and have funding.  You could have just come out of employment and your now wanting a career change?  You may even be retired looking to fill your spare time looking after your own investments?

Q: How much money can I start trading with?

A: You could start trading with as little as $500

Q:  Does the company give individuals trade setups to profit from?

A: Yes we have a team covering the markets.  Its then up to each person which trade they wish to take.  We “spoon feed” trades so you can profit throughout your training in real time.

Q:  How do I know I’m ready to learn the professional approach to trading?

A: There are several answers to this question;

You need to have learnt from your mistakes, take them on board and let them go.
You need to REALLY want the education and stay dedicated to yourself to succeed.
Do you rely on yourself a lot?  Good, because the only person thats going to get you to the top is you.  You will learn to make the decisions and obtain the information that matters to what you trade.
You understand that trading is not a get rich quick scheme.  It takes dedication, time, education to obtain consistency and profitability.

Q:  Could I use the education to obtain a job?

A: We do not issue an industry recognised certificate, but the professional education we give you access to will show you how to demonstrate your understanding of the financial world to a high degree — showing your way ahead of other candidates in possible interviews?

Q:  What do you do with the information you collect from us?

A: Please click here to read our privacy policy.

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