The GT Pro Online Trading Course

Over 10 Hours of Video Training

GT Pro Online Trading Course

So what is it you get exactly when you buy the GT Pro trader online Course?

Firstly you will have access to some of the worlds best real professional training available in high definition.

There are 9 manageable sessions containing over 10 hours worth of training giving you a process and logical place to start trading the financial markets. If you intend on being a professional trader then you have to take this approach.  We cover all asset classes including forex stocks bonds commodities and more.  Understand what to takes to build a portfolio or day trade.

The GT Pro Trader Online Course is made up of the following modules…

  1. Taking a professional approach to trading the financial markets and assets – Forex Stocks Bonds Commodities
  2. Jargon and common terms used in markets
  3. Types of analysis and manipulations (fundamental & Technical)
  4. Technical Analysis Part 1 – Charting tools, manipulations
  5. Technical Analysis Part 2 – Formations, RSI ATR Fibonacci
  6. Defining markets, tying fundamental and technical analysis together. (1 metric within this session could earn you money for the rest of your life if your timings right!) Day Trading Vs Portfolio
  7. Risk management basics and parameters – Portfolio management
  8. Psychology when trading – Getting your mind right
  9. Introduction to trading platform, brokers and assets.

Our course is taught through professional methods containing trading methods and information learned from some of the most successful traders globally. If you intend on pursuing more professional techniques you will need this course as a foundation.

The course will give you huge advantage when starting out trading live or investing so you can avoid the common pitfalls that all new traders make.

The 9 sessions cover everything you need to know to get started. We cover forex, bonds, commodities, stocks and much more. Learn how to start setting up your trades through Technical analysis and fundamental analysis like professional successful trader.

***There are lots of exclusives contained within the course, but 1 specific unique feature of this course is how to work out when bull and bear markets trigger so you can profit from rising and falling markets. Knowing what type of market your in, is crucial. This 1 feature alone could potentially earn you money for the rest of your life!***

The sessions may be updated from time to time to help make your sessions even more valuable where possible. Bonus sessions will be added periodically further adding to your knowledge and skill set when trading the markets.

Topics covered include;

  • Understanding the financial market underpinnings – Forex Stocks Bonds Commodities
  • Risk management – Portfolio management
  • Trading psychology
  • Technical and fundamental analysis – Charting
  • Market & tool manipulations – Day trading Vs Portfolio
  • News
  • Trading platform training
    and much more…

We’ve also included some downloads to accompany the course, these include a trading plan, exclusive spreadsheets & more.

Once you have completed this course you will have a huge advantage in trading whether you intend on keeping it simple with the training you receive or if your aim at completing more complex trading strategies.

This course gives you a real professional foundation to build and learn from and primes you for even more professional trading strategies as you grow as a pro trader.

I believe that this course gives you the best professional trading foundation you could ask for and gives you a real chance at making money consistently long term, plus! the feedback has been incredible and other professional traders agree with me!

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