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Clinton Baker – Expert Instructor At GT Trading

Expert Instructor Profile

Clinton started trading the financial markets in ‘Demo mode’ and then later moved on to live market trading with his own funds. His journey over the last 6+ years has allowed him to build on his education, knowledge and strategies in the process.

A highly motivated individual and a great rapport builder, Clinton has studied business and worked for some top financial institutions including ING Baring’s, Natwest and Citi Group.

He has taken multiple Citi Group investment exams with success and has studied basic through to professional training learning to calculate statistical distribution of returns and odds, implied volatility assessments, macroeconomic and microeconomic asset selection/trade idea generation, Risk management including Alpha/Beta Hedging & KELLY Criterion, PE/PEG Ratios etc. Clinton trades various assets including Stocks, Forex, Commodities, Indices and much more.

“I started this company with my partners to; create a professional place for traders wanting access to the best financial market training globally available with a no non-sense approach. We want to help novice traders grow into portfolio managers who know how to manage their capital or our capital professionally. For people who don’t have access to larger funds, but are already trading the financial markets using successful strategies we would like to provide funding.

How many people have wasted money on training and not progressed with they’re trading? How many people sit at home on their own without other traders to bounce off of?

I want to bring driven traders like myself together to help get their questions answered, supply access to professional education from successful professional financial market traders and where needed funding.

All the while building a team of successful traders to eventually trade company & public funds. When traders take a desk at Grow Together Trading all fees are inclusive or training and equipment to trade so they don’t have to go out and spend thousands of pounds on training courses, lots of strategies that don’t work, basic support, equipment and much more.

I want to build successful teams that cover the entire market trading company funds, investor funds or if they choose their own funds.

This is the most amazing opportunity of my lifetime for me, I intend to grab to with both hands. If you work hard, understand what your trades and the world are doing you will reap huge financial rewards.

My favourite quote from people new to trading is:

Wow! I wish i started learning earlier.” This clearly because they $$$, the problem is everyone wants to be “wealthy or comfortable” but how hard are they willing work for it.

Clinton Baker No Comments

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