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Grow Together Trading wants to empower traders with professional resources and education to trade the markets so they can be financially independent.

Learn and earn the money it takes to quit your 9 to 5 job.  

We are more than just a training provider, we offer a suite of options for individuals wanting exposure to financial markets.  Through our partner we provide the best forex or stock market trading signals and trading accounts.  Grow Together Trading give its clients access to a range of basic and professional trader training courses and strategies covering all asset classes including Forex Stocks Bonds Commodities & more. We provide the best trading signals training and support network for retail traders or day traders who need it, nurturing a truly powerful trading  community.

The GT Pro Online Trading Course

A Professional Framework For Trading Forex Commodities & More.

GT Pro Online Trading Course will give you the professional framework for trading financial instruments, it gives you pro techniques and risk parameters on how to trade all asset classes including forex stocks bonds commodities and more.  Learn when to day trade, hold trades for longer, “sit on your hands” completely or build a portfolio of investments.  Start today!

We help people cut the noise out within the markets and also training providers so they can start earning immediately.  90% of other training providers don’t teach you how to trade or how to use the news/information to your advantage consistently. We do, consistently.  Other forex signals or stock market signal services aren’t as profitable consistently or as supportive, subscribe to our service and make money long term every day*.

Your Options

What Do I Get?

Lifetime access

Learn at your own pace.  Night or day you’ll have unrestricted access anywhere in the world

What you'll be learning

training covering; Terminology, risk management, charting tools, indicators, tradable assets, platform training, plus more…

Free support

Free support when you need it 1 to 1

Exclusive Access

Access GT Trading resources and take advantage of exclusive offers such as 12 months VIP Trading Signals from Capital 6 Investments

What Do I Get?

4 - 8 Forex trading signals a day

Signals sent from Pro retail traders in forex indices commodities and more

Free knowledgeable support

Get support from seasoned traders when you need it.

Discounted Training Options

Get exclusive discounts to GT Pro Trader Online course for just £99 when subscribing to Capital 6 The Signal Teams VIP Forex Signals


Charts and full analysis provided with VIP signals

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Choose your purchase

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Complete your purchase

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Profit like a professional trader

Make money in the short & long term

Get the training and strategies needed to trade or invest successfully in any market conditions either day trading, holding trades for longer or building a portfolio of assets.  Our training course material covering trading forex commodities bonds and more gives you the insight and risk management needed to become a profitable trader nurturing you from beginner to professional level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of training do you provide?

Whether you’re just starting out trading your own account, following forex trading signals or have been trading for some time but haven’t been profitable, our training can help you.  Look at it like “a professional level training course for beginners or traders with bad habits”, it’s the framework that real professional traders use!  Our training is clear and gives you the best value for money for forex/stock market training globally available. For those with stricter time constraints but still want to make money trading forex oil gold and other assets can take time to work through the training at their own pace with free lifetime access to our training.

Do you offer guarantees?

Sure!  You get 30 days money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the quality of the training.

Can I make money everyday?

Sure, we’re here to show you how by increasing the odds when trading forex gold oil major stock markets and more.  You can set your financial goals and achieve them consistently.

How much money do I need to get started?

You can start trading today with as little as £400/$500.  There is no cap on what you can deposit to your personal trading account.

Why Choose Us?


A young, enthusiastic profitable team of traders & mentors that are here to help.


We have over 20 years experience providing expert trading insight and knowledge.


Our trading mentors ensure you get the optimum results and profit. In rising and falling markets.

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